• 1966
    Sanyo Electric started biomedical business and launched its first medical pharmaceutical refrigerator;
  • 1994
    Sanyo Appliance Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was established;
  • 2006
    As the biomedical production base of Sanyo Electric in China, Sanyo Appliance Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. came into production and established its biomedical business division and R&D Center the same year;
  • 2008
    First ULT freezer——MDF-382E(CN) was produced;
  • 2012
    Panasonic acquired Sanyo Electric; brand name changed from Sanyo to Panasonic. Renamed as Panasonic Appliance Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. from former Sanyo Appliance Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd.;
  • 2014
    Partial business was sold because of adjustment of Panasonic’s biomedical business, making Panasonic Appliance Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. the sole enterprise to run Panasonic’s biomedical business in China;
  • 2018
    Alphavita Bio-scientific (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was established and completed the integration with Panasonic’s Biomedical Business Division the same year;
  • November, 2018
    Alphavita started to run Panasonic’s former biomedical business independently and obtained the TUV13485 certificate;
  • April, 2019
    Brand “Alphavita” was officially launched, meaning Alphavita’s expansion to life science with independent business operation under the brand name of Panasonic;
  • June, 2019
    Overseas Sales Division was established to official enter the international market;
  • September, 2019
    Alphavita signed cooperation agreements with national testing organizations and participated in the development of industry standards;
  • October, 2019
    Alphavita signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Japan’s Biomedica Solution Inc.
  • November, 2019
    Alphavita hired former Director of Kyoto University Hospital—Dr. Tanaka Koyichi, who is also a world-famous expert in living-donor liver transplantation, as our special consultant in cell therapy;
  • March, 2020
    Alphavita launched -90℃ ULT freezer with stable dual cooling system, which broke a new record in the industry with “genuine-90℃”and set new industry standards;
  • April, 2020
    Alphavita launched liquid nitrogen storage container with extended refilling period of 14 days to better meet user’s actual needs.
  • 2021
    Since 2021, All the product lines are starting to represent with new image of Alphavita